Restaurant Friday: La Soupe Populaire, Berlin

by - Thursday, May 07, 2015

The most delicious Königsberger Klopse I have ever eaten and many more dishes to die for at La Soupe Populaire by Tim Raue.

Tim Raue is a well-known Michelin Star chef starring different restaurants in Berlin, some being more expensive, some a bit less pricey. One of many reasons to dine here is the amazing location. The interior is kept in an industrial style, currently starring a small exhibition with paintings from Norbert Bisky, which are standing nicely in contrast to the dark colours of 'La soupe populaire's' interior. They also have a very extensive and great wine menu.

What to eat? - As main course you HAVE!! to try the Königsberger Klopse: meatballs in a special sauce (at La Soupe Populaire a heavenly creamy Riesling sauce), a very traditional dish from Eastern Prussia. They come with apple-beetroot and potato mash, but both prepared in a way that is far from boring. Please try the Bienenstich as dessert; usually a traditional german cake with honey and cream, but over here it has a wonderfully light sponge bottom, fluffy cream and almond brittle on top - and here is the best part: hidden in the middle there is apricot ice cream. Who could resist?!

Price? - A bit more expensive than what my usual student budget allows for, but definitely worth it. Main's around 20€, dessert around 10€ and wines range from 20€ up.

When to go? - First, make sure you book a table in advance, which normally means around 2 months before you want to go there. It is a lovely place to have dinner with parents or your date at (or as I did with two lovely girls that are the perfect partners in crime when it comes to great food), also because the restaurant is only open during the end of the week (Thursday till Sunday, I think).

Where? Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin

Website: La Soupe Populaire

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  1. Das Ambiente ist toll, keine Frage. Aber die Königsberger Klopse waren eine Enttäuschung. Eine dicke, süßliche Soße OHNE EINE EINZIGE KAPER. In jedem Klops nur eine. Das geht garnicht! Auf Nachfrage beim (sehr netten) Service wurde mir gesagt, dass die Leute Kapern nicht so mögen. Dann darf man das Gericht nicht auf die Karte setzen. Oder dazuschreiben, dass die wichtigste Zutat fehlt.