Restaurant Friday: Bastard, My New Favourite Breakfast Spot in Berlin

by - Friday, May 01, 2015

My new to-go breakfast place. No more to say. Well, except…

In the middle of Kreuzberg, close to Görlitzer Park and Maybachufer lies the lovely Bastard. A hipsterish restaurant with quite an interesting design - could possibly make the impression of needing a renovation, but they managed to make it look really stylish.

Btw. Bastard is a rather insulting word in German. But never mind, food is great!

What to eat? - Go for the "Strammer Max" with BBQ sauce. It's a traditional German dish which is basically a piece of bread, ham or bacon and a fried egg on top, but here it is a lot fancier. Also, go for the mixed breakfast platter: fresh ham, salami, cheeses, jam, fresh fruits - love it!
Plus: they bake the bread themselves…and it is perfect!

Price? - For a small mixed breakfast you pay 6€; quality and taste is great and when considering that they are baking the bread themselves there is really nothing one could complain about.

When to go? - Your mornings are best spent here. Over a cup of coffee and a nicely looking and great tasting breakfast you can read through newspapers and spend a nice beginning of the day here.

Where? Reichenberger Strasse 122, 10999 Berlin

Website: Bastard

Strammer Max with BBQ sauce

Yogurt with fruits

Small mixed breakfast

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  1. Thx a lot for your review. We're glad that you've spent a nice time here.
    Unfortunately the wrong address is in the text.
    The restaurant is here: Reichenberger Straße 122