Restaurant Friday: 'I want everything on that menu' at Butterhandlung, Berlin

by - Friday, March 27, 2015

This is the place to be when you want to spend a nice evening, have a great dinner and simply enjoy the atmosphere. Oh, did I mention the truffle pasta?!

Concerning the interior, this place is kind of the way I would design my own restaurant. Wooden furniture, cosy atmosphere, factory kind of lamps, a light turquoise bar with tiles and great food. Even the restrooms have a beautiful design! Located at the heart of Friedrichshain it is easily reachable.

What to eat? - The truffle pasta is a go-for. Fresh homemade pasta with a cream-parmesan sauce and truffle on top. We shared the smaller portion as starter. All their pasta is homemade and you also get homemade butter and bread. They already had me at that point - gorgonzola butter, truffle butter and chocolate chili butter.
And then there is this 12-hours braised veal breast with super tasty mashed vegetables. Seriously? I already want to come back for this! It was so tender and the taste was amazing!

Price? - Rather a go-there-when-your-parents-are-visiting, or it's-the-beginning-of-the-month-i-don't-care-how-much-I-spend place, since prices are quite high - or at least higher compared to other places in Berlin. 20€ for a big portion of almost everything, 13-15€ for a small one. But portions are quite big and won't let you leave the place hungry.

When to go? - In the evening, with good friends, to have good wine, great food and a good time. Or with your parents; the place is not too noisy but has a nice and welcoming atmosphere. Btw. waiters are really friendly!

Where? Scharnweberstrasse Ecke Müggelstrasse, Berlin Friedrichshain

Website: Butterhandlung

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