Your Instagram Photos Printed on Marshmallows

by - Friday, March 21, 2014

A slightly different post today, than the usual 'Restaurant Friday' stuff, but...How cool is this idea?! Well, I have never ever won anything before, so I was even more surprised about this prize. It is nothing big, but it's even more creative. Photos printed on Marshmallows...

Instagram photos to be more precise and it is so simple. You log into your Instagram account on the 'Boomf' webpage and choose nine pictures you want to have printed on Marshmallows. You complete your order and some days later they arrive right at your doorstep. One box with nine Marshmallows normally comes at 12£, but if you're lucky you can find promotional codes to get around 3£ off.

I really like the idea, to print personal pictures on the puffy squares. I know my choice of pictures is not very personal, but I chose the ones from 'The Recipe Suitcase' Instagram profile to show it to you guys. I would definitely though do it again with some other photos and give them to my closest ones as a little gift. 12£ isn't cheap for nine small Marshmallows, but it's the idea that counts and I find it really innovative and creative. The down side to it is that you need an Instagram account to be able to upload pictures, but you can also set up an account and delete it shortly after ordering.

Also, what is kind of interesting is that the man behind 'Boomf' and the Marshmallow idea is James Middleton, brother of Kate Middleton, which gives the whole thing a royal touch, doesn't it?! ;)

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