Restaurant Friday: Bacon Rolls!! - The Breakfast Club, London

by - Thursday, March 27, 2014

'The Breakfast Club'. The name already tells what it's all about. Pancakes, bacon, eggs benedict..well basically everything you need for a proper breakfast, brunch or just a hangover meal. 'The Breakfast Club' reminded me a lot of New York; not only because of the delicious food, but also because of the insane waiting time. It was worth it, though!

We were four people and went to the one next to Liverpool Station and waited for around one and a half hours. Crazy me, I know, but when it comes to good food (and this place looked very promising in terms of foodporn) I have no boundaries. Well, maybe that was already the maximum time I would wait for brunch, because hunger and grumpyness were increasing steadily. I guess I found my NYC Brunch in London, which I am very happy of. I am definitely though going to check out some other places and keep you updated about my findings :)

Type of Place: Laid back, nice and friendly waiters, maybe a bit stressed and from time to time a bit confused, but in a very lovely way. They were keen to explain everything to us and the waiter responsible for our table should get an award for being beyond patient while we had to think about what to order for quite some time. That is quite a compliment for 'The Breakfast Club', since all dishes sound and look so appealing. The place itself is really stylish, modern and very New York style with a lot of nice lamps, banners and nice furniture. The coolest part was that you can enter the lower part of the restaurant via a 'smeg' fridge, which served as the door. Great idea - I loved that!!

Food: Proper American Brunch, including pancakes, bacon, french toast, eggs benedict, eggs florentine, burritos, pastrami sandwiches and so on (For Menu click HERE). The guys went for the brunch platter with sausages, potatoes, bacon and pancakes, which all was very delicious; crispy and tasty bacon and fluffy pancakes with great maple syrup. I had the eggs benedict with yellow pepper, avocado, chorizo and sauce hollandaise on a english muffin. Super super delicious and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is going there for brunch!! But I really think I don't need to talk too much about the food, because almost everything on the menu sounds mouthwatering.

Prices: Well, 'The Breakfast Club' is in London so it not surprising that the place is not cheap, but prices are still reasonable for what you get, especially concerning the american size portions. My eggs benedict were about 9£ and the whole breakfast platter was around 10-11£.

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