Restaurant Friday: 'All Good Things'

by - Friday, February 07, 2014

This neighbourhood store in TriBeCa has 'All Good Things' you need: coffee, chocolate, flowers as well as fresh meat and vegetables. I dropped by in October with my visitors after I heard about the place from somebody. "A really lovely neighboorhood store, where you can spot celebrities from time to time" - as always, luck wasn't with me and I didn't meet anyone famous. I discovered however, a very lovely store with an even nicer atmosphere.

The store consists of eight local vendors selling various things, but basically everything you need to prepare a nice lunch or dinner.

When you enter the store there is a lovely florist selling beautiful flowers and arrangements. From the 'Polux Fleuriste' you can also purchase decoration goodies or other stuff for your kitchen. The coffee by 'Blue Bottle Coffee' tastes intense and aromatic - I enjoyed it a lot. If you need to do buy ingredients for dinner this is the perfect place. The friendly vendors at the 'All Good Things Fish and Produce' stand or at 'Dickson's Farmstand' are very helpful and advise you on what fish or meat you might buy chosing from their interesting range of products. They are also keen to explain to you how to best prepare their fish or meat. At 'Orwashers' you get freshly baked bread such as pumpernickel, croissants, doughnuts and other individually prepared pastries. If you want something with you bread you can buy delicious cheese at 'Cavaniola's Gourmet Cheese Shop', selling cheeses with dry fruit, nuts or yogurt. Last but not least, the "dessert"-section offers self-made hot chocolate or other chocolatey goodies you can take home. Or, simply grab an organic scoop of ice cream at 'Blue Marble Ice Cream' to round up your stay at 'All Good Things'.

You can come here to do groceries, or to hang around and enjoy a piece of cake with a freshly brewed coffee. Prices are not low, but that's always the issue with organic products. It is definitely worth it, though!

When done with shopping you can just walk around TriBeCa, or have another coffee at Kaffe 1668.

Location: 102 Franklin Street, New York, NY, 10013

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