Restaurant Friday: Pure Deliciousness at Obao, NYC

by - Friday, January 31, 2014

There are still some New York restaurants left, which I want to show you. Actually there is plenty, but I didn't manage to visit each of them, because time was too short. Also, I ate at so many nice and good places where I didn't take pictures, or just crappy ones with my phone. It would be a shame if nobody would ever discover these nice places just because of my incapability to take my camera with me. So I decided that I will create a list with places I've been to, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, markets and this kind of stuff, to let you know which places are definitely worth visiting. This might take some time though and until I've figured out what I want to mention on my list you can go on reading my weekly reviews :).

Type of place: I really like Thai food and I also like Vietnamese food. Luckily at this place you don't have to decide for one of them, cause it's a mix of both with some modern features. They have three locations; Midtown, Hell's Kitchen and Financial District. I've only been to the one in Midtown since it was close to work. Buddhistic decorative elements and candles everywhere make the atmosphere very relaxed. The restaurant is full of dark brown furniture, simple tables and comfy benches and chairs. Waiters are nice and attentive.

Food: It is simply delicious! And I am not alone, my opinion is shared by the Michelin guide team, who recommend the restaurant, as well as a few dishes. I was there twice and both times I HAD to order the 'Spare ribs on sugar cane skewer', because it is so, so good..really!! The taste of the meat together with the kind of sweet and well-spiced sauce on the sugar can skewer, which you can actually eat - a dream! As a main course I tried the 'Singapore Laksa' and the 'Chiang Mai Noodles'. Both served in a broth made of curry, coconut milk, lemongrass, pork belly or other interesting ingredients. The first one you can see in the pictures. I preferred, however, the 'Chiang Mai Noodles'. The dish was served with cilantro - one of my favourite spices - with papaya chunks, in a red curry chicken ragu. Sounds perfect, right? If you want it spicier or a bit of lemon juice, go ahead! Along with your soup there comes a little bowl filled with some spices and soybeans, so you can personalize your dish. I haven't tried any of the fried noodles or rice dishes, but as I heard from others they also must be great! 

See their menu HERE.

Price: Prices are really alright. With a starter (to share), a main course and a drink you pay around $20.

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