Restaurant Friday: Eating with hands at 'Ghenet'

by - Friday, January 10, 2014

I kind of discovered my weakness for Ethiopian food during my semester abroad in Barcelona, where I used to dine at 'Abissina', a lovely restaurant in the district of Gracia (a post may follow - we'll see!). When I looked for several restaurants in New York, price wise reasonable and as authentic as possible, I found 'Ghenet' in Brooklyn and decided to give it a try. For some Manhattaners getting to this place may seem as an entire world trip, but if you want to enjoy some Ethiopian food you should take that challenge ;).

The way food is presented may not seem that appealing to some, but I promise it is delicious!

Type of Place: 'Ghenet' is an Ethiopian restaurant, which is perfect if you want to have a nice and sociable dinner with friends or family. The atmosphere is really nice, with some stylish and individual elements, but not overloaded with decoration. Chairs and tables are very simple yet comfy. Unfortunately waiters are not as nice as they could be - they are not rude, but sometimes I wished for a bit more attentiveness and smiles on their faces. 

Food: Traditional Ethiopian food. You can choose single dishes, consisting of several meat and vegetable combinations or you share a big tray of several Ethiopian specialties with your friends. We were three people in total and decided to share the big meat plate combination where each person chooses one kind of meat and two vegetarian dishes out of several options. The meat is mostly intensively seasoned (but not very spicy) served finely chopped, cut in morsels, prepared as a stew or cubed. You can choose between chicken, beef or lamb and the spices used taste great. Vegetarian dishes include lentils, string beans, carrots, cabbage, potatoes etc. After everyone has made his choice the food is served with "Injera", a special kind of pancake. And now it is your hands' turn: you tear off a piece of the pancake and grab the dishes with it - yum! I guess you can also ask for cutlery but eating with your hands is more fun!! Check out their menu here --> Ghenet Menu
This is a special experience with great food, for people who eat meat, but also for vegetarians. 

Price: I compared prices of several Ethiopian restaurants in New York City and this one turned out to be best in terms of value for money. For around $45 the three of us had a delicious dinner and the amount of food was just perfect. 

Location: 348 Douglas Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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