Restaurant Friday: Tai Thai New York

by - Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now my range of regions expands a bit to a restaurant in New York. Nothing special, but they have really tasty food for a small price. Located on 78 E 1st Street it is easy accessible via Subway and afterwards you can walk up 2nd Avenue to spot even more nice restaurants. Tai Thai.

Type of place: Just a normal, decent restaurant in New York. The restaurant is rather small, so better make a reservation when arriving with a big group. Nevertheless, it is cosy and the atmosphere is nice. Also, waiters are attentive and quick but don't expect the "European" kindness.

Prices: For NYC it is rather cheap I'd say, with 10,95 $ (plus tax) for a big portion of Red Curry with rice. If you're not too hungry two people can definitely share one portion.

Food: The Red Curry was really good, perfectly spiced with neither too much sauce and too little ingredients, nor the other way round, but exactly the way it should be. They also had fancy Ice Tea, served in some kind of bottling jar, which looked really nice, I did not try it, though.

Definitely worth a visit, but no place for a romantic dinner ;)

- I am sorry for bad quality of the pictures, but I did not take my camera with me so I had to take them with my phone.

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