Restaurant Friday: Starting the Day right at Zuckerfee, Berlin

by - Thursday, April 09, 2015

Good morning dear Berliners! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which you should not skip; and you won't after you've seen this place.

A very small, cosy and friendly breakfast place, dominated by dark furniture and lovely details. They serve great breakfast etageres as well as delicious cakes and freshly made waffles topped with hot cherries and vanilla sauce.

Btw. Zuckerfee means sugar fairy in English. Lovely those Germans, aren't they?

What to eat? - I loved the 'La fee dragee' (forgive me for my dismissal of accents on the letters) breakfast etagere, which comes with bread, a croissant, ham, salami, tete de moine cheese and other things that you would imagine in a french breakfast. I didn't try them, but the pancakes right next to our table on our neighbor's plate looked very good, so might be worth trying those, too.

Price? - You can definitely find cheaper places to have breakfast at in Berlin. BUT: Quality is very good, everything tastes great, waiters are nice and so is the atmosphere. The etagere for about 10€ could be shared between two, if not super hungry and if you order a croissant extra, but it is also not too much for one person.

When to go? - In the morning, when you ask yourself why the f*** your fridge is empty again and you're out of coffee in desperate need for caffeine.

Where? Greifenhagener Strasse 15, 10437 Berlin

Website: Zuckerfee

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