Restaurant Friday: Steak Tartare and Me at Beuster, Berlin

by - Friday, March 13, 2015

If you are in the mood for some Neukölln flair and you like sandwiches with gorgonzola and pickled red-wine-pears, or steak tartare with had-cut fries, or you simply are a friend of good food - then this is the place to be.

A friend of mine reserved a table at two restaurants last week and asked which one we should go to. As I have heard about the great steak tartare here and the location of the restaurant is also quite cool, I decided to lobby for this one. Nobody was disappointed, in fact, we were all very happy with what we've ordered, with the place itself and with the super nice service here.

What to eat? - Their menu changes rather frequently, so it might be that by the time you go there they have a completely different one. We had a beetroot salad with ricotta, which was super fresh and tasty. Oh no, wait, we had two, because greedy-us thought the portions might be small - they are not! The salad was huge. Then, as my second course I ordered the steak tartare with hand-cut fries. This one was very good. I am a big fan of tartare and it was perfect. The bread they serve before the food arrives is also very fresh and good with some herbs in it. Last but definitely not least: the dessert. White chocolate mousse with passion fruit and some other things I could not identify or don't remember…but so, so delicious.

Price? - A bit higher than the 'normal' Berlin price range, but not much. The steak Tartare was 12€, the salad 7,5€ and dessert around 5€ I think. Price-value is great here!!

When to go? - Go there in the evening, with some friends, or with a date. After dinner you can stay for one or two cocktails. And make sure you reserve a table!

Where? Neukölln at Weserstrasse 32, 12045 Berlin, Germany.

Website: Beuster

The photos were taken quite early, so don't worry, normally it's full here! ;)

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