Restaurant Friday: Brunch Time at Caravan, London

by - Thursday, April 24, 2014

As you already know brunch is kind of my favourite meal of them all. Why? Because you can make a huge mix of sweet and hearty; pancakes, eggs, bacon or roast beef – almost everything is allowed. 

In New York my favourite brunch place was ‘Lodge’, in Barcelona it is ‘Brunch and Cake’, in Warsaw I always go to ‘SAM’ and in Cologne I guess it is ‘Törtchen Törtchen’, but that’s rather breakfast. I have a few other cities on this list, but these are the most important ones, I guess. What about London? Well, I went to quite some places already and I must say for now my favourite place, the number one on my brunch list is ‘Caravan’. A huge place in an old factory building – at least it seems to be – near King’s Cross. 

Sorry for the quality of some photos, obviously taken with my phone.

Type of Place: A little hipsterish, spacious place kept in a simple though stylish way. You can sit in or outside, although for outside the waiting time is slightly more (for inside I never had to wait). Waiters are really nice and easy going, but still professional and keen to explain everything to you, such as their varying coffee offers with beans from many different places. What I also like is that you can have a look straight into the kitchen and there is also a bar at the end of the really huge hall, serving Bloody Marys and other exciting types of drinks. It is a very modern place, but I wouldn’t say it is only for young people. Although, it is a bit noisy here I think I would definitely take my parents here. Another great thing, which might seem a bit weird saying, is the lovely scrub-hand-soap they have in the restrooms and the matching hand lotion. 

Food and Drinks: I am a huge fan of the coffee here. Pure filter coffee..strong, with a bit of milk if you want some. They are served in fancy glasses, reminding of a chemistry laboratory, and they always have new or varying sorts of coffee beans. Food is great as well – sure, it has to be, otherwise this wouldn’t be my favourite place. I recommend the poached eggs with aubergine puree, similar to the Romanian vinete and soutsouki is great! Also, the baked egg is a go-for! Order it with the chorizo (unless you’re vegetarian) and you’ll fall in love with it. It is served in a casserole dish; on the bottom there is some kind of tomato ratatouille, topped with an egg, which slowly bakes in the oven leaving the egg yolk liquid, Greek yoghurt and chorizo. It is really delicious, believe me!  The jalapeño corn bread with fried eggs and black beans was also very good, but still my main recommendation are the two previous dishes. In addition, all savoury dishes are served with their fresh grain bread. I haven’t tried the sweet things such as the waffles, the granola or the porridge but rumours has it it is also recommendable. Granola with apple rose compote sounds very promising indeed. The pastries and cakes are lovely as well to round off your ‘Caravan’ experience. 

Price: Nothing to complain about, good price value – coffee and brunch are around 13£ with tips.


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