Restaurant Friday: New Amsterdam Market, NYC

by - Friday, January 24, 2014

Today again, I am not writing about a specific restaurant, but about a lovely market located at South Seaport in the financial district, next to the East River. In the same area there is a building, where the 'New York Fish Market' was located, solely dedicated to selling fresh fish and now moved to the Bronx. The building is empty and discussions and petitions are going on to decide about its future.

You have a perfect view over Brooklyn and on Brooklyn Bridge here and you can easily combine your visit with a walk uptown along the East River.

Right now, the market is still developing and collecting donations to expand its area, in order to give many local vendors the chance of selling their products. The building of the former fish market is being kept empty for several years already and the organizers of the New Amsterdam market are constantly fighting against the destruction of the place. For now, the market is taking place outside and I absolutely adored it. I think it would be a shame to abandon these old buildings by building new, modern malls or projects. The waterfront is a nice place, which would be even nicer with a permanent market in these buildings.

- Simply because I love markets and to me they highlight the respective city from a different angle..and also cause it is just nice to walk around, try a bit of this try a bit of that and enjoy the atmosphere. Sure, I experienced a lot of very alternative markets, too, which tend to be a bit annoying, but it always depends on where you are and what you're looking for/ what you are expecting. Generally, one of the first things I do when visiting a place, besides looking for museums, galleries and (of course ;)) restaurants/cafes, is to find markets where locals go or which you should not miss. 

The market is taking place every Sunday from 11am-5pm and is a nice mix & mingle of several stands selling local honey, marmalade, bread..etc., or snacks to eat on the spot such as oysters and burgers. You can also find a lot of craftwork and other creative people selling their individual pieces of work. Unfortunately, I did go to the market only once, because I almost forgot that a friend recommended it to me. It is definitely a must see and if you live in New York you can do part of your groceries here; or enjoy an afternoon with friends while sipping a homemade lemonade or eating some delicious oysters.

A list of vendors and all other kind of information can be found on their WEBPAGE HERE.

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