Restaurant Friday: From Cake to Lobster - 'Chelsea Market'

by - Friday, December 13, 2013

Since I have been short on time this week, due to lovely surprises and visitors, today's post will focus on pictures rather than on much explanation. If you visit New York City, be sure you don't miss 'Chelsea Market', right next to the High Line (also not to miss!!). First, the area is beautiful to walk around, have a look on the downtown skyline from the pier or visit some of the many many nice art galleries located in Chelsea.

'Chelsea Market' itself is a big market hall, divided into many rooms and open spaces, where you can buy anything from food to clothes, books or souvenirs. 

It is great if you are not sure yet what you want to have for lunch. You can walk around, have a look, have a snack such as a doughnut, a cookie or some macaroons and then sit down at one of the nice restaurants and food places. I didn't try any of the hearty food, but the pasta looked pretty good and so did the Sushi and the Lobster. But check it out yourself, it is definitely a place to be!

Enjoy your weekend, guys! I am happy to come home soon and resume the cooking and especially baking, because eating out can be soooo exhausting ;))!!

Sarabeth's Bakery

Hall of Chelsea Market:

Pastificio & Cucina, Homemade Pasta 

Elni's New York - Lovely Cookies

Other Little Goodies

Lobster, Fresh Fish & Sushi


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