Restaurant Friday: Coffee Time at 'Kaffe 1668' - "Määäääh"

by - Thursday, December 05, 2013

Kaffee, my essential every-day-drug. Back home, I managed to rehab from it and switch to my beloved Kusmi, Mariage Frères or Theodor tea, but here in New York that paper cup in your hand is a must-have accessory ;)! Besides, in NYC you can find many coffee bars, which serve great coffee (And I'm definitely not talking about Starbucks here!!). So while strolling through TriBeCa, one of my favourite neighbourhoods, I found this super nice coffee place serving not only the dark elixir against morning grumpiness, but also various sorts of pastries and lunch dishes.

Type of Place: 'Kaffe 1668' is a cosy coffee bar serving all kinds of coffee specialties coming from many different places around the world. It's is located on Greenwich St. in the heart of TriBeCa, so if you happen to be in that lovely neighborhood make sure to stop by!!! Their is not a lot of light, due to candles and only a few lamps lighting the Kaffe. All of the furniture is wooden, kept in a very simple and pure style, leaving all the hectic behind you after entering the place. Cute little sheep seem to be the only decorating elements here, leaving you wtih the feeling of being at a cosy cottage house or hut somewhere far away. What is nice is that menus are available on sheets attached to wooden boards and also projected onto the wall, to be sure you don't miss their nice range of organic and creative dishes. Staff is nice, although I think you order and pick up your stuff at the bar, at least that was how it worked for me. 

Food and Drinks: I have to admit that I did not try the food, this will happen however today and then I can update this post a bit. Cakes and Muffins are good, I tried the pumpkin pound cake and it was full of spices and very moist, just like a pound cake should be. Their menu looks very creative and healthy, serving all kinds of gluten free bagels, granolas with organic yoghurt and organic puddings (for example their "organic raw vitamin c orange chia seed pudding" with homemade almond milk, home-pressed orange juice, mango, pineapple, dates, chia seeds, orange zest and coconut flakes - sounds amazing, right?). For lunch you can choose between a variety of salads, wraps, meatballs or sandwiches. What I don't like though is that the meals are already prepared and packed in plastic. I would wish they prepared it fresh on the spot. Just check out the menus: 

What I can tell though, is that their coffee is great! It comes in a small or medium coffee cup and is perfect to wake you up with its delicious taste (if the sirens of NYC's streets haven't done that till then), in order for you to properly start off the day. They have different individually brewed coffees from Honduras, El Salvador, Kenya (...). You can also check out their coffee menu here --> Coffee Menu. Also, their range of teas looks great, so when I will be in need of a caffeine break, I will definitely try some of their green ones! 

Price: Prices are reasonable, cafe latte is around $4,50, granolas are around $5 to $6 and lunch is around $9-$13. 

Location275 Greenwich St

(between Murray St & Warren St) 

New YorkNY 10007

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