Restaurant Friday: Pancakes at Cafe Orlin

by - Friday, November 01, 2013

Starting into the day with a nice brunch is the best thing you can do. Enjoying sun, life and the many different restaurants NYC has to offer. Cafe Orlin is a cute restaurant in East Village on St Marks Place, where you actually can find plenty of other restaurants. I picked that one though, because of its nice atmosphere, the feasible prices and because there you can sit outside and enjoy the last sunrays.

Type of Place: Restaurant in East Village, NYC, with breakfast, lunch and several 'small' dishes for dinner. Waiters are really nice and attentive.

Food: They serve many different kinds of food ranging from typically American burgers to Italian pasta, but they also have many Middle Eastern dishes on their menu, like Hummus, Falafel etc. What's nice is the big variety of salads and starters they offer.

I ordered pancakes with extra blueberries inside, berry compote and maple syrup. They tasted really nice, fluffy and three of them are definitely enough. My friend tried the goat cheese salad, apparently being a good choice as well.

Prices: Prices are fine, I paid $8 for a really big portion of pancakes with berry compote and maple syrup, which is more than ok. $13-14 for pasta is ok, too and you will have to pay about $18 for an entree like salmon for example.

Location: 41 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10003

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