Restaurant Friday: La Tartine, NYC

by - Tuesday, October 01, 2013

As you might have recognized, my posts lately concentrate on New York City and its restaurants. To find out more about that you can click here or above on the 'New York, New York' part. 

After a long day in Brooklyn at the flea market, dinner in West Village has been the perfect ending of the day. 'La Tartine' is a french restaurant or as titled on their page, 'bistro'. They serve not many kinds of plates, though really delicious ones and portions aren't too small either. It actually very much reminded me of 'L'Ange 20', a restaurant in the Marais, Paris I visited about a year ago, which has been amazing and actually will need a post itself.

Type of place/ Atmosphere: La Tartine is a small bistro/restaurant being a rather noisy (but not in a bad way) and well-visited place where you can enjoy a bit of Paris, in the heart of Manhattan. Be aware that you cannot make a reservation, so prepare for a bit of waiting time. We waited for one hour and the waitress seemed a bit stressed out, so everything was rather hectic.. but to refund us she took $4 off from two of our dishes, which seemed very fair. Atmosphere was hectic but nevertheless I felt comfortable between the wooden chairs and tables and even though seemingly stressed out, waiters were nice.

Food: The combination and presentation of food stays rather simple, though not having an effect on the great taste of the food. I had steak in a pepper sauce with a mixed salad. The steak was cooked perfectly medium and tasted very good; I did not really like the pepper sauce served on the side, though. The salad was simple but tasty with a nice vinaigrette dressing. They also serve brunch and pastries, which looked delicious..I did not have the chance to try them, unfortunately. Other food they have on the menu is for example golden tile fish with several vegetables in a lobster sauce, mussels, or sauted chicken.

Prices: Prices are fine, not very cheap but neither expensive regarding the fact you're in New York. $24 or about 18€ for a steak with pepper sauce and fries is a price you would pay in other places around Europe, too, I guess.

Adress: 253 W. 11th Street, New York, NY 10014

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