Restaurant Friday: Cannoli at 'Mike's Pastry', Boston

by - Thursday, October 17, 2013

Supposedly the best Cannoli in town.. I can't tell, because I haven't tried any others, but inferring from the massive lines in front of the shop and the outlook of these Cannoli to others in Little Italy in Boston,  they probably really are the most delicious in town.

I even went there twice, standing in line, waiting for the crispy-creamy italian specialty to be mine.
Filled one time with plain ricotta cream and the other time with chocolate ricotta cream and chocolate sprinkles, I absolutely do not regret waiting each time for about 20 minutes till it was my turn. It is DELICIOUS!

Type of Place: Hectic. Quick. Simple. You walk in, buy your Cannoli (or one of the other delicious sweets, ranging from cookies to cupcakes, they serve) and basically walk out to eat it at some nice place in Boston or at home. You can also sit down there to enjoy your conquered pastry, it's not very homely or spacious, though.

Food: Sweets, pastries and ice cream. They are specialized in Cannoli. A crispy, fried dough-tube filled with a delicious ricotta cream, chocolate or fruit cream and other varieties like Oreo, peanut butter or covered in chocolate (yum!!). Very filling and probably not very healthy, but so tasty ;) Other things they sell are cookies, lobster tails (some kind of dough filled with a looooot of cream), cupcakes, cheesecake ...

Price: For $3,50 to $4,50 you get a really big cannoli. Compared to the rather small ones you get here in NYC for $4 this is not expensive, plus you are really saturated after eating one of these, since they are rather a heavy desert due to the ricotta cream.

I have to add, it IS the best Cannoli :) the ones in NYC are smaller and the ricotta filling is by far not as fluffy and creamy as this one.


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