Restaurant Friday: Brunch at 'Lodge' in Hipsterville

by - Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday = lazyday. Brunch on a Sunday noon is one of the best things I can imagine. Probably the best place for having brunch is Berlin with its buffets, where you can’t decide what to pick and in the end you basically end up trying everything. Here in NYC (and maybe the US?!) it is slightly different.

There is no buffet where you can have as much food as you want, but as much alcoholic drinks as you want. You get as much mimosas and bloody marys or other drinks (depends on the place you’re having brunch at) as you want. Lodge did not have the 'bottomless brunch', but I guess I have to try it out some day at one of the many restaurants I still have on my 'to-do-list'.

Last Sunday has therefore, been a very lazy Sunday including brunch in Williamsburg. Lodge seemed perfect for this, while located close to Bedford Avenue and Line L it is easy to reach and a lovely place to enjoy your last day of the week at.

Type of Place: Atmosphere very nice and a bit rustic, due to its wooden floors, furniture, plants and pumpkins and the dimmed light. Even the restrooms are decorated in a nice way. Though it is a spacious place with many tables, we had to wait for around 30-40 minutes to get seated, but we did not regret it at all!! Waiters are nice, though, as probably in every place in New York, a bit stressed out. Also, located in Williamsburg, you can relax a bit from the police sirens and the noise of Manhattan's streets. They serve brunch, lunch, dinner, so it is basically a normal restaurant.

Food: We ordered several dished, which were about $8-11, and bacon (being $4 extra, which seemed rather inproportional to the other portions we got). For $8, I got two buns, one with scrambled eggs and peppers and the other one with black beans and chorizo and tater tots as a side (kind of croquet). It was really good and more than saturating. The others got eggs benedict with avocado and some kind of hollandaise sauce, which guessing from their reaction was also very tasty.

Prices: Prices seem very justified. There was an offer, which was 2 Mimosas or Bloody Marys for the price of one ($9). I like it a lot that the Bloody Marys are served in jars, making it look very fancy. A little minus was the little amount of bacon for $4 which wasn’t really in line with the prices of the other ‘main’ dishes.

Location: 318 Grand Street at Havemeyer, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Webpage: Click here

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