Restaurant Friday: Cake Time at Slodki Slony in Warsaw

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

At Slodki Slony (click here to get on their webpage) by Magda Gessler in Warsaw, almost every cake looks fascinating and tastes even more amazing. I've been there already several times while visiting Warsaw and I wasn't disappointed when I went there again last week, enjoying a big piece of cake with black currant, a hint of coffee, chocolate, nuts and a lot of other ingredients making this cake absolutely delicious! Accompanied by a Cappuccino, this afternoon couldn't have been better.

Type of Place: As the name 'Slodko Slony' (meaning sweat and salty) indicates you can have lunch here but also step in for enjoying your afternoon tea. Until now, I have only been eating cake here but the place itself is also a restaurant serving small dishes, soups and salads which look always very tasty, too. I guess you can trust the dishes, since Magda Gessler has a lot of other nice and renowned restaurants around Warsaw. 

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is very cosy. It could also be your grandmothers living room or another place where you immediately feel at home. The decoration is very romantic with loads of wood and flowers. You could sit here for hours while sipping your tea or drinking your cappuccino and the waitresses are also very attentive and friendly.

Prices: Prices are not the same as in many other restaurants and places in Warsaw, since they are rather high with 8€ for a piece of cake. But WHAT a cake!! First, the cakes are really worth the price I'd say and second, if you did have lunch before like we had, one piece for two is perfectly fine :) (The only problem then, is that you have to decide on the cake you want to share, which can prove very hard due to the big selection)

Cake & Coffee: The cakes taste really amazing, many types are offered in many different shapes and flavors. If you prefer a small pastry, I highly recommend the 'Malinianka', a yeast pastry tasting a lot like butter and filled with raspberries. But in general most of the cakes look and taste good, it just depends on whether you are the chocolate type of person or more into fresh tastes like berries and baiser.

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  1. Wann sitzen wir dort gemeinsam und trinken Käffchen und schlemmen Torte??? :D WoW da muss ich hin!!! :)