Restaurant Friday: Asian Tapas at Mosquito Barcelona

by - Friday, July 26, 2013

Situated in El Born this Asian Tapasbar is easy to be reached.
The food is served in small portions but the taste is fantastic! Each portion costs about 2-5€ depending on what you order. You shouldn't miss out on the Sechuan beef, the fried duck and all the dumplings, which are really good, too.

I also loved the Edamame beans here with a lot of sea salt on top. As I said, portions are small but that's normal with tapas, cause you can order many various dishes, share and try a bit of everything. They also serve a lot of different kinds of beers; asian ones, german ones, spanish ones etc. Finally what I loved as dessertwere the mochi. It is some kind of gluey dough filled with a either strawberry or green tea- cream cheese filling ..the consistence is a bit weird but it was delicious. Ordering is easy here. You get a menu to write on, with each dish separately listed and the price next to it. Then, you simply write down how many portions of the respective dish you would like to order. The place is rather small and noisy, so don't expect a romantic place for an intimate date ;)
Better make a reservation on weekends and to be on the safe side during the week as well, cause people sometimes wait up to 1 - 1 1/2 hour to get a seat - seems to be worth it!

Check out their website for more here.

Well..I guess when you constantly read my blog you already have a small lunch and dinner plan for Barcelona :)

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